man filling a mortgage application

A Quick Guide to Mortgage Applications During a Crisis

Applying for a mortgage loan is a difficult process. At a minimum, you will need to present good credit scores, prove stable sources of income, and have enough cash on hand for equity on a property. Securing all of these can be even more difficult and complicated amid a global pandemic.

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person counting money in hand

What You Need to Know About a Home Mortgage Refinance

At the risk of oversimplification, the only real argument for refinancing a mortgage on your home is if it helps you. All other factors serve this main purpose and so should be at the end goal of any decision-making process. However, the process of achieving that goal depends on a few …

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house purchase

Mortgage Forbearance Agreement – What to Know

Mortgage loans are some of the most basic financing options an individual has when purchasing a house. It is understood as a loan from a lender for a certain amount, allowing a borrower to pay it off in increments with the addition of a certain amount of interest.

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reserve mortgage money

Finance 101: Reverse Mortgage Loans Perfect for COVID-19 Aid?

The effects of the Coronavirus, more commonly referred to as COVID-19, the global economy has suffered greatly, pushing many individuals to lose sources of income. Despite the increasingly terrifying situation we’re in, a lack of funds can just be as terrifying—as this will make things so much more difficult.

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